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Out Of The Box Strategies To Make More Money Without Asking For More Money,The Newborn Care Specialist Edition By: Jessica Rector

We see many topics about asking for a raise and increasing your prices. Did you know that there are ways you can make more money as a Newborn Care SPecialist without asking for it? I have worked as a Newborn Care Specialist for over a few years and in the domestic household industry for over a decade. However, I wanted to find ways to make more money without directly asking for it. That's when I started researching and exploring opportunities to optimize and utilize my skills and resources to benefit my clients and myself. Below are some creative and out the box  strategies I have found useful to increase my earnings. Please note that you should always obtain your client's permission before using their personal information or belongings.  These tips may not apply to all jobs, but they are worth considering to maximize your earning potential and even enjoy some perks like free coffee.🙂

Here are four ways I have increased my earnings while educating myself and others, without asking for a raise.

  1. Points, Points Baby!

Taking advantage of credit card points can prove to be a lucrative strategy for an NCS. I make it a point to consult with my clients beforehand to gauge their restocking requirements. Once I have a clear understanding of their needs, I utilize my American Express Platinum card to purchase baby-related goods. To ensure that my record-keeping is accurate, I maintain a detailed log of all the purchases made and subsequently invoice my clients accordingly. Through this well-planned approach, I have accumulated a sufficient number of points, which have enabled me to redeem a 2-night stay at a hotel.

  1. You Had Me At Coffee

Who doesn't love free coffee? Most popular coffee places have apps you can download and earn points with. In my career, I've found that my clients often ask me to pick up coffee for them. I have both Starbucks and Dunkin' apps downloaded on my phone, and I'll use whichever one is preferred. Once I place an order, I'll pre-load the app or add the exact amount to invoice it properly. If I have a family card, I can also upload the amount directly from their credit card with their permission. I can’t remember the last time I paid for a tea, or paid for a gift card for someone 🙂

  1. The Secret Formula

A lot of families I work with use European formula for their babies. When it's time to reorder, I have affiliate profiles with a few companies that ship European formula to the US. I don't push any specific formula on families, but I provide them with safe places to obtain European brands if that's what they prefer. There are also affiliate programs for US-based brands as well. Several of these companies have offered free training and education about their products.  So far, I have earned enough to pay for part of my Elite Yr 1 Program. 

  1. Here, Fetch!


The Fetch app is a shopping app that lets you earn gift cards by snapping your receipts. You can also link your Amazon account and other retailers to automatically add receipts. You can also use other receipts that aren’t yours! So far I have earned a $25 gift card! 

There are many ways, in and out of the box, to increase your income without raising your rate. Where some clients don’t care about their Starbucks stars there is Jessica, sipping her free Trenta Tea. Where there are clients who throw away receipts, there is Jessica, getting a free $50 gift card, and where hungry babies need imported formula, Jessica is paying for part of her Newborn Care Solutions Elite Program. There are so many avenues of income out there, within arms reach. Are you willing to reach out?

I am happy to discuss these methods further and learn more about you to make personalized suggestions on how you can make more money without asking for more!

You are welcome to contact me at

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